My Reward…

I didn’t have a great day…It wasn’t one of those Mondays that I come home and say, “Man, that wasn’t so bad!” I had already decided that I was going to reward myself with something but wasn’t sure what….A cold beer maybe, a chocolate ice cream cone, a warm bubble bath….Just wasn’t sure-until I walked through my door.

All of my stress was gone. I discovered that my littlest one had his first tooth!!! and also could pull himself up standing! What a big accomplishment in one day for such a little guy. Daddy had sat down with K-Man and done all his homework for the evening and already had dinner ready for both boys. The dishwasher was running and E-baby’s antibiotics had been called in and ready to pick up-which, by the way, the hubs then left to pick them up for me.

I was so impressed!!! I still had to cook the two of us dinner and get the boys a bath but it wasn’t the mad chaos that I had planned to walk into after working a 12 hour day. That was my reward….My family! I am truly blessed to have such a reward to come home to each day.


4 responses to “My Reward…

  1. Love this – I think we would have been friends in “real life” if fate had ever put us in the same neighborhood 🙂
    Such sweet moments to come home to and experience all of that. But oh, I love your reward choices too 🙂 There have been many a night when I could do a cold beer, chocolate ice cream and a hot bath, all at the same time, lol!

  2. I agree! I think we would have been great friends also! Maybe one day you, Heather, and I can get the kids together. 🙂

  3. How sweet! I got a tear in my eye just reading this post. Hope you have an easier day today.

  4. That is a great reward! I still would’ve added a little extra reward: a glass of wine. 😀

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