Outdoors Before & Afters…

With this beautiful weather there is only one thing we could think to do today…Yard work! I’ve been staring at these cherry trees that we planted not too long ago and just wasn’t happy with the way one was coming along. One of them is starting to fill out nicely with nice green leaves but the other one just didn’t seem to like its new home. I had expressed some complaints about it and had mentioned to DH how much I like Crape Myrtles….and this is what he surprised me with!!!

I was so excited but I don’t think the excitement stopped with me….

After that big project when then decided that it was probably time to harvest our sweet potatoes. We had no clue what to expect and in all honesty I didn’t think they were ready yet but we wanted to use the garden bed they were hogging so we just decided to do it…Boy was I wrong…..It was like panning for gold, or going on an egg hunt, or maybe a scavenger hunt…Everytime we found one it was excitement all over again!

E-baby joined in on the fun!

Our final count was 18 large sweet potatoes and several small ones. What a success!!

What a wonderful day its been. It’s been a beautiful day with the hours filled with all things I love. Now its time to go enjoy more of this beautiful weather, grill out some steaks and peppers, enjoy some of our yummy homegrown sweet potatoes, and sit back and watch football this evening!

That’s it…I’m outta here! 🙂


3 responses to “Outdoors Before & Afters…

  1. Holy sweet potatoes! Our garden gave us 2 tomatoes & is working on a pumpkin as we speak. I have veggie garden envy. Composting is cake once you get started, it’s just doesn’t smell like cake. Hey, how can I follow your blog? WordPress is foreign to me.

  2. It’s all trial and error…Keep trying!!! 🙂
    And bummer, I don’t know how to follow on wordpress. I’m kind of new to it. I used to blog on blogger and I don’t know what caused me to change….I need to figure it out though.
    Thanks for stopping by! I do hope you keep reading. I’ll be doing updates on our fall garden as things start to progress.

  3. Oh and by the way…I loved your comment, “Holy Sweet Potatoes!” Too funny!

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