Photo Story Friday

This picture would have been perfect for Wordless Wednesday. This describes my household without saying a word. My boys, all of them, are obsessed with cars and trucks! You wonder why??!?! This is my 9 month old truly enjoying his Daddy reading and pointing out all the different trucks, motors, tires, off road trails, and more. My house is covered in matchbox cars, hot wheels, dump trucks galore….God only knows what it would have been like had I been given a girl. Would she been outdoors in her little tutu helping her daddy change oil? Would she have been like me as a little girl and closed up in her bedroom reading the 9th book of the summer? It’s amazing to watch the 4 guys of the household (if you include the dog) all interact with each other. I love on Saturday afternoons watching K-Man and Daddy play cars in the sand. I love watching the dog and the boys run around the yard while E-baby watches and on this afternoon I loved watching E-baby and his Daddy enjoy the newest edition of the 4-Wheel & Off Road magazine.

PhotoStory Friday

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8 responses to “Photo Story Friday

  1. Priceless! LOVE the expression on both their faces.

  2. Daddy’s reading a book! Too cute!

  3. Goodness…that is so sweet!

  4. Aww get ’em started early!

  5. Thank you soooo much for the comment. It was so very nice of you to take the time to comment and your photos are lovely. This photo reading the book is just too sweet!!!

  6. Aw! I can relate. My husband is a car freak and has loads of catalogs and magazines and spare parts in the garage. My sons love pretty much anything on wheels.

    Cute guys you have!

  7. you’ll never know! this is a priceless photo.

  8. AWESOME! Who doesn’t love a good 4-wheeling trail or a trek though the sand on their knees?

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