National Schrocksters Camping Vacation: Part II

It never fails that every camping trip we take, SOMETHING out of the ordinary is bound to happen. This trip, no, the zipper didn’t bust on our second night in, no-I didn’t wake up to grand daddy longlegs crawling on my face. We didn’t have any falls into the river or really any creepy crawling bugs to speak of…..Except-the stomach bug! Ugh, yes…..I started feeling sick around 4pm on Friday but we all thought it was nothing. By the time the night rolled in I spent all night and most of Saturday morning sick in the woods. The thought crossed my mind that maybe we should go home but how are you expected to pack up a tent and all the gear when you can’t even leave your sleeping bag unless its to go make another mad dash into the woods?

Thank goodness the bug came and went pretty quickly and Aaron really stepped in and took great care of the two boys while I was down. When I finally started feeling better we did still make the best we could out of the short trip we had left.

We had a beautiful site right on the water. We enjoyed fishing, swimming, cooking out…It was a beautiful full moon and we also went hiking and discovered a beautiful area with clear water and rock caves….Really really neat! Here are a few of the 80 pictures I took while we were out there.

K-Man helping put the tent together.

I love that this kid is a veggie lovin’ kid!!

This was the most beautiful walk ever!

Cave Woman!!! Beware!

Overall the trip wasn’t a total bust. Now that I’m back home feeling much better, showered and with a full belly thanks to Cracker Barrel, when I look back I don’t just remember the sick night but also the great Saturday we had out as a family. The discoveries we found, the laughs we had, and the memories we made that will last a lifetime.


2 responses to “National Schrocksters Camping Vacation: Part II

  1. Great blog post Jess! I love the pics on the water! Glad you were able to make the best of it after not feeling well!

  2. The last picture makes Boo look like he is wlaking on water!

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