Bath Time with E-Baby…

Bath time at the Schrocks goes one of two ways….I’m either trying to bribe my 4 year old to get into the bath and when he finally gets in…I can’t get him out. Not only that but I then have the Mississippi River to clean up in my bathroom.

And then there is bath time with the E-baby. He loves it! As soon as he hears the water start running he crawls into the bathroom to see whats going on.

There is no need for baby toys in the tub…We’ve already tried those. He wants to be a big boy like his big brother and play with cars and trucks. He also loves to splish and splash and to giggle when the water hits him in the face!! I just love it!

Not only is it an enjoyable time for E-baby but it is for Mommy too. It’s a moment of peace in the house. We shut the door and tune out all the mad chaos that I absolutely love but sometimes need a break from. It’s just him and I with no conversation…Just giggles, smiles, and silence for a couple of minutes out of my very long day.

When bath time is over I have a very happy lavender smelling baby to cuddle up too….Well that is until I open the door and the life of living with all boys, including the dog, hits me all over again…. 😉


3 responses to “Bath Time with E-Baby…

  1. SO sweet! Those are some precious memories.

  2. Nothing like a squeaky clean baby!!!

    (I used Gimp to edit that photo you asked about on my blog!)

  3. Great pictures! I want to see him! And the rest of y’all!
    I couldn’t do the bath with Jay. That was his Daddy’s job. Then I put the clean, sweet fellow to bed…that was a nice time. This is one of the pleasant memories I have of his Dad. He was good with Jay as a baby.

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