Sunday Night Dinner….

With our vow to become healthier we occasionally hit a road block on what to fix for dinner each night. Sunday night I decided to try something totally in left field and if it was a flop…well then it was a flop. I must say after it is all said and done, now, it had to be one of the best meals I have introduced to my belly in a really long time.

We started with grilled tilapia filets covered with tortilla, chipotle, and lime crust. This was what I was most worried about because I could feel DH’s hesitation as he grilled it and even took the first bite. It turned out to be some of the best fish we’ve ever put into our mouths!! YUM!

The side dishes were jasmine rice….And unless you’ve ever cooked jasmine rice for yourself and know what I’m talking about-then you have no clue when I say that jasmine rice is some of the best smelling rice ever! It almost smells too good to eat and it makes for a delicious aroma in your house for hours!

last but not least was the asparagus. I got this recipe from except for that I tweaked it just a little for our taste. Rather than the lime juice and pine nuts (which honestly I forgot about) I cooked it with a little salt, pepper, and green tabasco sauce and it was PERFECT!

Overall this was a perfect meal. I was thrilled with not only my opinion of the meal but the hubby’s opinion of it also!


3 responses to “Sunday Night Dinner….

  1. Jessica, Your dinner looks delicious!
    You have become a wonderful cook!!

  2. I love how cooking random things turn out to be a hit. Awhile back when Frank Grimmer came to visit I decided that I would use crushed almonds as a breading for chicken. I paired it with roasted veggies and it was HEAVEN!!! Let me know how you are liking the Barbara Kingsolve book…Nance has suggested I read it, but I am a little behind with my books lately…been busy.

    • Lauren, I really think you would enjoy the book!! Good good book and really inspires me to eat and live healthier. She is a great author!! With two kids and a very active husband it’s taking me a while to get through it but I’m getting there!

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