C is for…..

C is for Camera…At least it is today!

I was given some links to explore today and came across a really neat photo challenge. It’s not a photo contest…You don’t have to take professional quality pictures to appreciate this or enjoy playing along. It’s all about just taking pictures, looking at others’ pictures and getting to know your fellow bloggers while being creative.

Here’s the quick scoop and if you’re interested in more info visit:


In a nutshell each week will be a different letter of the alphabet. As you see, I’ve already missed A & B….All you have to do is post pictures that relate to each letter. You can take as few or as many pictures as you want. Be sure to visit back at this same site as I might be adding pictures to my “C is for” post throughout the week.

Without further ado…I could think of nothing more appropriate to start this “C” challenge off than with a picture of my camera!

Be sure to check back on this post later this week to find more pictures that work alongside the letter C. My wheels are already turning! I’m really looking forward to this! Come on and join along!!

***Just a new one added while dinner was cooked***

C is for COALS! Hot coals!!!

***Another “C” photo added after a long day of work on Tuesday!!**

COLD beer


3 responses to “C is for…..

  1. Love the Camera photo. Thank you also for the challenge plug. We all need a reason to get and shoot daily if not weekly. I look forward to seeing more alphabet photo from you.

  2. My son saw my challenge post and said, “You should have used CAMERA, Mom!” 🙂

    Love your choices!

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