Sky Top Orchard

I honestly believe where we live we have the best of both worlds! We are only a couple of hours from the beach and a simple 45 minute drive to the beautiful mountains. Today we decided to leave early to head to the mountains for the morning. I had heard about an apple orchard up there with panoramic views…And thats exactly what we got! This place had it all! About 10 different types of apples, hay rides, bamboo maze, homemade apple fritters, donuts, cider, jam, butter…Everything apple you could imagine. I took enough pictures to basically tell the story without me having to really tell a story so I picked out a some of my favorites and thought I’d share. 

Heading up to the top... (These are grape vines on both sides)

The view from the top!!

Time to pick some apples!

K-Man...The professional apple farmer.

Mommy's Turn!

About to make baby applesauce. 😉

K-Man being a sweet big brother!

Baby apple for baby hands.

The loot!!

It was a great time had by all!!


5 responses to “Sky Top Orchard

  1. Thanks! We really had a good time!!

  2. I’m even more excited now.

  3. I’m a new follower. Such adorable pics from the apple orchard. Fun!


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