Fall Garden Update

Two weeks into our fall garden and boy am I impressed with all of its progress! 

The sweet peas are slowly starting to make their way up our netting. 

Sweet Peas

This is just two of our little plants. I believe we have about 9 plants started. These little guys are actually the only ones left from our seedlings that we started a month or so ago. I’m not too sure what happened. We had great success with the summer seeds but our fall ones didn’t fare too well.
I also couldn’t believe the growth in the onions already!!


Onion Anyone??

Carrots are also always exciting to me. I’ve actually yet to grow a successful carrot. I think I get too curious and pull them up before they’re done. This time I vow not to do that!!! We have about 10-12 of these little guys.


What's up doc?

 And last but certainly not least for the updates this time around are our sweet potatoes. They have been the quietest of the plants this whole season! No flowers, you can’t see the fruit or veggie growing, no real bug problems….About the only thing they have manage to do is take over one whole side of the garden. I NEVER knew how much room they require due to their wondering vines. We’ve actually been doing some research and have decided that next year we’re going to grow all of our sweet potatoes in hanging pots. Not only will that provide us with more room but also beautiful hanging plants because they have a great vine! 

Anyways, back to what I was getting at. We walk out to check on the garden this morning and this is what we see: 


 A BEAUTIFUL flower coming from our sweet potato vine. After rushing to go get the camera, my very next step was looking this beaut up online to read a little about them. Little did I realize that the sweet potato is related to the morning glory. What an unexpected sweet treat our sweet potatoes gave us this morning. 😉 

We also of course have our broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, and lettuce growing and doing great.


2 responses to “Fall Garden Update

  1. Maybe you could make a kind of trellis with string (like for green beans) for the sweet potato vines to climb. They are really pretty. Some people (us) sometimes put the purple and green ones in hanging baskets just for the beautiful colors….but we never find sweet potatoes in the baskets when we put them away for winter. Don’t know why? Maybe they need more space than a hanging basket?

  2. Hmmm…I wonder why you don’t find any sweet potatoes. I’ve read several places about them growing in hanging baskets and thats actually our plan for next year.
    We’ve taken a peek at what we have underground now and they are growing pretty big. We keep getting tempted to pull them up but I don’t think they are quite ready yet….

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