Hate to Hate Shopping

Okay lets face it….I AM NOT A SHOPPER! I will literally wear a pair of shoes until I have a hole in my sole. Or better yet…I will wear a pair of pants until there are holes in them from being so worn out they can’t possibly withstand another round of the washing machine. Literally. I remember specifically one day I wore a pair of pants to work-okay, yeah….Maybe they had a hole here or there…But who would notice. Well let me tell you, someone noticed! I had a friend at work say to me, “Hey, you’re wearing pink underwear.” And no it wasn’t because I had hot pink thongs hanging out of my pants like some young girls do….I just happened to have that hole I’m speaking of that I thought wasn’t big enough to notice. 😉

So whats the point of this post you ask….? Well our fridge went out on Sunday. We ARE lucky enough to have purchased a home warranty that we renew every year so I figured it was a big deal but not too big of a deal. We could live without a fridge for a few days unlike AC or something.

So the fix-it guy comes and he diagnoses the problem and tells us to fix our 11 year old fridge will cost about $500-$600….OUCH! So what does the warranty company do….They offer to issue that amount in a form of a check if we buy a NEW fridge and produce proof of it….***I found this out all today**

So what do I do…I hate shopping so much **with the exception of buying food. I absolutely love to food shop!!** that I don’t even attempt to find a fridge tonight. Most folks would have run out as soon as they got home from work, purchased a fridge, and tried to get back to life-normally as quickly as possible. I, on the other hand say….”Eh…Okay, we’ll head to Lowe’s this weekend and pick out a fridge.”

Luckily, DH is the same way I am. He had NO interest in shopping this evening. Instead what did we do….I went and bought FRESH, natural pork chops that look sooooo wonderful and some good fresh local corn on the cob to eat for dinner. We’ll end up eating it all anyways-so in the end who really needs a fridge tonight. 😉


One response to “Hate to Hate Shopping

  1. One word of advice: Don’t ever build a house! They call you at the last minute and tell you something like : “You have to go to Lowes TOMORROW and pick out toilets!” (or doorknobs or something equally boring). I feel the way about shopping for cars the way you do about the frig. Just bring one home…..as long as it is a wheelchair van.

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