Mother Earth News….and more.

I have discovered my new favorite magazine. DH (dear husband) picked it up for me at the store and then I had to wait a day to read it because he wouldn’t give it up. In all honesty, I think he secretly bought it for himself but because it’s called Mother Earth…he felt like he should say it was for me. 😉

It is great though! Just in the first issue I got to read articles relating to:

Stevia-the South American plant that is found in the sugar substitute that I recently posted about.

Our dwindling fossil fuels and the impact our food system has. **If every family ate just one meal a week and bought that meal from a local source ie. farmers markets etc…It would save over 1 billion gallons of fuel a week!!

Summer recipes-It has recipes and several great ways to grill your summer veggies to eat in perfection!

12 Strategies to strengthen your immune system-my husbands favorite one was #6, make more love….Go figure. 😉

And then articles upon articles about blue birds, mushrooms, children gardening, and canning veggies.  I just LOVE it! I think we’re going to subscribe to a year subscription to it so we can enjoy it for the next year.

And speaking of DH and learning to eat better, etc-I have to give major props. We had just gotten back in town on Sunday from a weekend away and we were all tired…We had to go to the store to get a few things to start our week. Well we show up at one store and they had ZERO along the lines of all natural, organic, local, or anything of the sorts. I was tired…and feeling weak in the self-discipline area and said, “Come on, lets just grab a few things and I’ll go to another store later this week…” He let me know right quick like that we weren’t going to just grab a few things but rather go to another store that may sell  more. I was annoyed at first with the thought of hauling two tired boys back in the car and yet to another store when we were all ready to just get home….But then it was like a light bulb lit up in my head and I couldn’t believe that I was hearing how involved and serious he was. So off to another store we went….And boy was I happy. This store was loaded with great new foods that we had never seen!

Here is DH happily making his own peanut butter. He said the smell of the fresh peanut butter reminded him of his childhood. 🙂


3 responses to “Mother Earth News….and more.

  1. Oh, fresh PB is the BEST! I used to get it when I lived in CA. You have to refrigerate it and then stir it up every time you go to use it…WORTH IT! PURE peanuts!

  2. Hi there, I found you through Mama’s Little Nestwork. We’re “neighbors”! The magazine sounds great and that peanut butter looks yummy! Hope you have a great night.


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