If there is one thing to damper the mood in our household its doing something to our yard. Our yard is by far nowhere near the nicest one in the neighborhood but we do take pride in it and try keep up with what we have. Not necessarily for the neighbors enjoyment only but for ours too. 

I had noticed these tiny little caterpillars crawling around our yard and even pointed out a few to Keagan the other day. Even that day I noticed something was a little off-while they looked like regular caterpillars, they were a little smaller and not near as friendly to pick up. They almost reared up at you or attempted to curl into a ball. Well we just got back from being out of town over the weekend and noticed several dead spots in our yard. When we looked closer we saw what is in the picture above…And it finally dawned on me, “Oh shoot…We’ve been taken over by armyworms!!!” It’s devastating to us. I went to a beautiful section of grass that obviously hadn’t been eaten yet and we even found them there too. 

This is a picture of what it looks like when Armyworms strike vs. the beautiful luscious green grass pre-armyworms: 

Army worms grass vs. beautiful grass

I have done a little reading on them and we’re going to do two things tonight before, I’m afraid, having to go buy some sort of chemical to get rid of these bad boys….First and foremost, they recommend mowing the lawn. Not only will that give them a smaller amount of grass to eat but it will also cut them in half! Yee Haw!! After that we plan on taking some soapy water with a 1/4 of a cup of fresh lime and spraying our yard with it. Apparently they must not agree with soapy water and a side of lime….And then tomorrow I’m afraid we’ll most likely stock up on whatever we can to defeat this bugs…because ARMYWORMS-this is war! 

Here are two useful links that I found about the armyworms: 



The armyworm will eventually turn into a moth-seen in the picture below. My feelings for moths have gone from love to dislike in a very quick moment!! 

The ugly moth


One response to “OH BUGGER!!!!

  1. I feel your pain! The deer just decided to eat Mama’s Amaryllis bulb tops! They are supposed to die back naturally to become food for the bulbs next year….We have about 15 in our raised bed in the back yard.

    And I used to think deer were cute! Grrrr………..

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