On the road to Gamecock Terrority….


Well this is it…I’ll be leaving today after work to head into Gamecock Terrority. I am so excited about the game on Saturday and in all honesty-I think its going to be a good game…A tough game….But most defiantly a victory under The Georgia Bulldogs belt!

We’re all geared up. We’re going with quite a crowd who happen to all be Carolina fans. We’re tailgating with them and even sitting on the Gamecock side so this should be mighty fun. I have, without a doubt, chosen the most gaudy bulldog shirt I could find to wear just so there are NO mistakes!


With all this being said though-I will be away from the computer in order to post the exciting news… Or something that I at least find exciting….My blog is going to be featured on one of my favorite blogs I read on a daily basis.

Her blog is funny, witty, informative, and I love reading it. She features meal plans, craft ideas, and stories of her everyday life that make other moms feel so much better in times when they think they must be the only one that crazy things happen to! She also does a Saturday Spotlight which features a different blog every Saturday. That’s where this blog will be on the 11th.


That’s great news to me because I have really enjoyed writing this blog and knowing that others are reading it is even more exciting. The fact that during the 30 days of beauty challenge I had almost 1,300 hits on the website was so rewarding to me and to know that this possibly opens the potential up for more is just unreal!

Thanks to all those who did read my 30 day of beauty. I’m feeling a little lost now not knowing what project to take on next. I feel like there needs to be something. Maybe the idea will brew in my mental crockpot while watching the game on Saturday.  😉

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll be back at the beginning of next week!


I have got to get this guy for my garden!!


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