Wait, maybe there is some summer left….

How cool is this!!!?? I decided, of course at the end of summer, that I wanted a hummingbird feeder. I wasn’t sure if it was too late in the season but I thought, what the heck…I’ll go ahead and put it out and if nothing comes-then fine! I’ll just clean it out and put it up for next year.

Well it wasn’t long at all-I was out back working in the garden and I kept hearing something breeze by my head. I look up and it was a hummingbird (!!!). I was so excited! After I saw it once I was determined to see it again. I went and ran in grabbing my camera in hopes to catch this amazing bird again. Well of course he didn’t come back that night….But yet again while working in the garden the very next day, I was prepared for his appearance and was able to capture some on camera.


3 responses to “Wait, maybe there is some summer left….

  1. Pretty feeder! Yes, they get used to your presence. They feed all the time while we are sitting just feet away from the feeder. Then they fly away to sit in the river birch for a while (they look like another leaf, and if you didn’t see where they landed, you would NEVER see them in the tree!! ) and then they come back. Terry makes his own hummingbird nectar. It’s great that you were able to catch a picture of these quick, tiny birds!

  2. Great shots! I bet they remember Mr. Stevens…remind me to show you those pics he took some time!

  3. Heather, I would love to see those pictures!
    And Linda, I made my own nectar…How does Dad make it? Oh and thanks. I love my new feeder! I thought it was pretty too. 🙂

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