30 Days of Beauty: The Conclusion

When I decided to take on this project I knew that I was dedicating myself to 30 days of finding beauty in my world. I had already told myself I could miss a day here or there or that I could take a picture of pretty much anything and post it and it would be okay….I had no clue that this would be 30 days of self-discovery. I have enjoyed this past month so much! I have learned to look at things in a whole new light. I have taken pictures of critters,  old barns, nature, and all other sorts and have gone about my daily life never looking at those things in the eyes of beauty. I have learned so much about myself….I have discovered some of the things that in my eyes are beautiful that may be just the ordinary in others. This project has been life changing and I’m a little emotional now that its done. I feel like I have viewed the past month with my eyes in a camera lens. I have constantly lived my life noticing the beauty in everything and I’m not ready for it to be over! I’m not going to let it be over!!

I knew for day 30 I needed something really special to my heart. I could think of nothing more than my family. This picture isn’t perfect but neither is my family. When I told Aaron I was going to try and set my timer and take a picture of us he moaned. I think he thought that meant a round of agony hour with me yelling at them to look this way, and to smile that way, and it was going to be just miserable….But I set my camera and took one picture. I took a look at it and knew it was perfect! A snap shot of Aaron smiling his best just trying to get it over with…. Keagan with his normal snare thinking, “Another picture…AGAIN…Mommy!!!, Easton tired and getting cranky and really just wanting his paci, Boodro wondering what on earth is going on…., and then Me-The Mom, trying to tie all the loose ends together to make an attempt at making everything perfect! That’s my life folks! You guys who have read the past 30 days have had a glimpse into my life like no one else ever has. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I highly encourage you to take a challenge like this of your own!


3 responses to “30 Days of Beauty: The Conclusion

  1. LOVE It! AND, I look forward to all of the pictures to come! “Agony Hour” (who named it that? Your Dad? Anyway, it’s worth it, as you know…when you look back 15 or 20 or 30 years from now and see the pictures….it seems like it all happened yesterday!
    Love and Hugs to the Whoe Schrock gang!

    • Yeah, I think Dad did come up with agony hour and its perfect. 🙂 Thanks about the pictures! I really enjoyed doing this….Can’t believe 30 days has come and gone…

  2. Jessica, don’t stop! All 30 days were wonderful! Keep going!
    It was wonderful to all of us!
    I love all of you!

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