Fall Garden Update

Finally a garden update because there is finally a garden to update about! I am so excited….The fall garden is finally in the ground! It may be a littler early, that’s the big question and since I bought way too many plants (yes, all my seedlings except for our peas, didn’t make it) if these plants don’t make it, well then we’ll just replant what we have left. I am very optimistic about what we’ve done so far though so I think everything is going to turn out great!!

Before, we start on the fall garden though let me show off what’s left of the spring/summer garden:

Sweet Potatoes & Peppers

We have tons of peppers still coming and and the sweet potatoes have taken over every bit of space left! I had no clue their vine would grow into such a beautiful yet consuming little thing. Anyways, we’re still eating our peppers like crazy and we’re really excited for the sweet potatoes to be ripe here shortly!

Now on to our fall garden….We have quite the selection going on. This is our first year doing this so I am soooo excited! In this bed we have peas, lettuce, two types of cabbage, and two types of collards:

Bed 1

Oh yeah….And what you can’t see in this bed are our carrots that we’ve also planted:


Then in our other bed we have some broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, and onions:

Bed 2

So we’ll see….This is all an experiment and we’ve save all the other plants just incase this Indian Summer makes it too hot for these little guys to make it! I’m really looking forward to eating some yummy greens and I’ll update again soon on how everything seems to be handling the heat.


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