30 Days of Beauty: Day 28

For some, this picture may give you the hibbie jibbies…..I honestly had them while trying to take the picture so close. We discovered this girl on our walk around the neighborhood yesterday. And yes, she is a girl. I was standing right next to her giant egg sack! I could feel her stare on me because I’m sure I was too close for her comfort to her little babies. I bet Mama Bear was about to emerge….or rather, Mama BigAss Spider!

Anyways, she does earn a spot on my beauty challenge because she is beautiful. Her web was amazing and with her colors she’s a knock-out. Enjoy!


One response to “30 Days of Beauty: Day 28

  1. Beautiful Garden Argiope! Aka, Banana Spider, aka Writing Spider… The do give me the heebeejeebees, but they are amazing creatures!

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