Diamond in the Rough….

I sent my husband to the store this morning to pick up more Equal for my coffee and I admit, he did good! Normally rather than coming back with Equal (the artificial sugar in the blue packets) he comes back with Sweet & Low which I despise (the artificial sugar in the pink pack) and it never fails I get so annoyed with him! Some how he has a mental block on what to pick up and gets the wrong thing every time!

Another disagreement we’re going through right now is giving up my Equal all together. Yes, I do agree that artificial sugar isn’t good for you! Any sort of ingredient that has a warning label on foods, is made in a factory with no walls because of its ability to combust, and is known to possibly cause cancer can’t be good for you. Yes, I understand! And yes, we’re on a mission to eliminate all processed foods and to eat as much natural and organic food as possible to steer clear of the majority of chemicals that are in foods these days….for some reason though, I could never give up my Equal. Bottom line is: I only drink my coffee with a sweetener. I’m not willing to give up my coffee (no way Jose’!!). I don’t like regular sugar in it. I’ve tried all the other alternatives like honey and just don’t care for it….So what it boils down to is-I’m going to still use my few packets of Equal a day.

So lo and behold I send Aaron to the store at 6:30am this morning to grab some for my coffee and he walks in and says, “I have something new for you to try.” I was immediately put off! “How can you ruin my coffee at 6:30 in the morning and expect me to be happy!!!”

But what he shows up with is this!:

Sun Crystals

He tells me that he sat and read every one of the sugar labels to see what all was in them. I was so impressed and couldn’t believe my ears…..but on the same plate, I was still skeptical. Would my coffee still be good!?

I read the label myself and saw that the only ingredients are Stevia (which is a South American plant and even though there are controversies regarding the plant-there are NO PROVEN  side effects regarding this plant) and then Sugar Cane….

If I’m going to use sugar or an artificial sweetener, how could this get any better!? And when I tasted my coffee it was…..dee-lish! I was so impressed and so happy that I can now make my coffee in the mornings and know that I’m not putting something else factory made into my body that can possibly cause more problems than good…rather I can enjoy my coffee like its meant to be enjoyed and then go about my day.


3 responses to “Diamond in the Rough….

  1. I am thoroughly impreseed with Aaron! And, after your review, I am going to try to get Drew to use this, too! He uses 3 packs of equal in each cup of coffee.

  2. I was also impressed with Aaron. He has gotten into this food challenge we’ve given ourselves more than I ever could imagine. He loves me making all homemade meals and the more research I do on all the chemicals in foods the more on board he gets about our fruits and veggies, etc. Drew really should try this sugar! It’s a little more expensive but I normally use 2 Equals and with this I only have to use 1….so I’m saving a little there. Good Luck!

  3. I am going to look for this too! I have been reading a lot of bad things about aspertame. So, I don’t know what I will do about my Diet Coke, but at least I can cut it out of my coffee. Thank You Aaron!

    BTW, Terry tried a “switch-a-roo” on my “personal pizza” today…ordering a “UCLA” pizza instead of a plain pepperoni like I asked him to order, while I was in the rest room. I thought he was teasing me at first. But when my pizza came, it had HUGE pieces of black portabella mushrooms and shredded basil (raw) on top. The mushrooms looked like huge horse boogers. I think if I had ordered something different for him than what he asked me to I would have been in deep trouble.

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