So this is date night…..

When you have a child you get used to the few and far between date nights. When you have two children-well date night is near impossible.

I had it all planned out. The boys’ Nana was picking them up from school. That’s a treat to everyone. She gets to hang out and do fun things with them, they get to enjoy her company, and it gives us a much needed break!! Aaron was meeting me at work. We were going to help a co-worker move in really quickly and then off to our date night we go. I had all these envisions. I pictured us going downtown. Sitting at a pub outside enjoying the fall breeze that is slowly making its way in. Maybe walking hand in hand down Main St., heading up to the suspension bridge and looking out at the gorgeous waterfall that makes up our downtown area. Such bliss. Then we would head back-pick up one of the little munchkins for the night and head home.

Well the move turned into a little more of a move than we bargained for. WOW! Who knew there could be so much stuff!? We pulled up to the home and there sat a giant 24 ft Uhaul! Ugh, should we keep on driving and then just claim we got lost and never come back??? 🙂 Getting the stuff in the house wasn’t easy either. This was an older home where the doors were  so small a size 2 woman just about has to squeeze in so you can only imagine squeezing in a fridge, washer & dryer, couches, etc.

We finally get everything  unpacked and I look at the clock and it’s almost 8. I knew there was no way we could still drive all the way back downtown and do all the things I had imagined. So off we went….Aaron went to pick up the baby and I headed over to Zaxby’s to get us a quick and somewhat healthy salad for dinner.  We sat in our livingroom eating our dinner, watching the first college football game of the season, and eventually headed off to bed early-after being exhausted from moving all afternoon.

That concluded our date night. No it wasn’t a romantic walk by the waterfall or an ice cold beer at the pub but it was enjoyable sitting in our own cozy living room yelling at the tv for “defence to pick it up!!” or “Touchdown Carolina!” and well, there is always a next time….


3 responses to “So this is date night…..

  1. How about another chance next week for a date night?!
    Downtown Greenville just gets prettier by the day, or night!

  2. That would be great!!! 🙂 We’d love to have a date night and I know the boys would love to have a night with you also!

  3. You know, I love football more than hubby, so that would work for me! But really, any date night is amazing when they’re so few and far between. Glad you got to have one even if it wasn’t expected!

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