Who needs Domino’s, Papa Johns, or Little Ceasar’s when the Schrocks are around???

Wowzers, what a day its been! To de-stress from our day Aaron and I decided to take Keagan to lunch…His choice. Well good choice, Keagan! He chose a very yummy deli right up the road. Check this picture out. This was a simple Ham & Cheese Sandwich. You should have also seen the pile of fries!

Excuse the bad phone photo...But get a peek of this HUGE sandwich!

 And let me go ahead and mention-he wiped it out! He must take straight after his Daddy.

Once we got home we decided that we might as well not waste the day away sitting around…Why not dig 46 holes into the ground and plant all of our monkey grass. Yes, I said 46 holes!

Getting our layout ready....

and yes….

This is me trying to help....Oops..

Aaron finally got all the holes dug and the monkey grass planted and I do think it looks good. Some pictures of the final product to come later.

Now on to dinner….What in the world can we do. I wasn’t up for cooking. Honestly, I wasn’t even that hungry after the huge sandwiches we had at lunch. I have vowed off all frozen or processed meals, and I certainly wasn’t feeling the Domino’s or Papa Johns call-so I thought it would be the perfect night for Keagan and I to make a pizza.

Pizza Crust & Sauce...Check! & no, I do not normally cook in my bathing suit. Think 46 holes..in the sun!


The making of a pepperoni pirate ship....Check

and the final product….Well it still had to be baked-but it looks good already! This includes some fresh peppers from our garden. They must have sensed that we were about to pull them up and have hit a growth spurt.

Our homemade Pizza Pirate Ship!

Overall the day wasn’t my favorite but I think we made it the best we could. And lets not leave out the fact that the pizza is dee-lish! Good job Keagan!


3 responses to “Who needs Domino’s, Papa Johns, or Little Ceasar’s when the Schrocks are around???

  1. If you need border grass, PLEASE come help yourself. Ours is taking over!

    • lol…..Better too much than not enough, I guess. 🙂 We actually do need a few more but Aaron was going to pick some up from where he works. If you guys need to get rid of some though-let me know!

  2. Ever see the movie, “Holes”? Those guys didn’t get a delicious Pirate Pizza when their day was over.

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