30 Days of Beauty: Day 22

Amazement as the train flew by!

This is without a doubt….One. Of. My. Favorite. Roads. To. Travel. On. In. Spartanburg!!!

I love this! There are actually a couple of these old bridges. This one is my favorite-just a single lane and if someone is coming head on you literally have to wait for them to come through before you can pass. The others are two lanes even though I’m not comfortable riding with two cars side by side….so they might as well consider these one lane also!

Spartanburg County was named and still called the “Hub City” because it was a main stopping point for the trains when traveling from Atlanta to Washington. Around 14 passenger trains travelled this route a day. How neat to live around such history- Even today trains travel through here on a regular basis. Just while we were at the Hub City Farmers’ Market this weekend we were privileged enough to see 3 cargo trains passing.

Love this picture!!! Love this road!!


2 responses to “30 Days of Beauty: Day 22

  1. Y’al picked a really neat place to move….so much to do there!

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