Old McDonald Had a Farm in Spartanburg

What fun we had this morning!!!
First we decided to hit up a local farmers market that I’ve read a ton about but we had never been too. That’s a total shame considering we’ve lived here for almost 3 years and it’s only a couple of miles down the road and this was our first visit….I can make a promise now though-it won’t be our last!

Anyways, we picked up lots of goodies that included peaches, corn, tomatoes, melons, etc…..Also K’s favorite part of the trip was that the market was centered right on top of a train track so he got the closest to a train than he’s ever been! What excitement it was for him!!!! And I couldn’t help but be excited for him!

Basket full of goodies

Some of the best homemade "ALL NATURAL" pimento cheese ever! I bought three cartons!!

(we also bought some of the homemade salsa to go with some yummy corn chips too!!)

And honestly my favorite part of the whole farmers’ market was watching K enjoying the trains OH SO MUCH! We got to see three different ones fly by. It was just so neat to watch his little face of excitement!

After leaving there already completely satisfied with our morning we decided to check out a local farm here in Spartanburg that also has a store where they sell all of their crops!

We pulled up and I felt like a kid in a candy shop!!! Such excitement!

J.L. Belue Farms!

There we bought some:

Local Raw Honey...

and some….

BLUEBERRIES! Can't wait to make some pancakes and muffins!

and of course some yummy, vegetarian fed, no hormones or antibiotics, cage free eggs!!!! YUMMY! Keagan ate some for lunch!

And as we were pulling away I couldn’t help but to notice their huge okra crop they had. I love the okra flower and was amazed at how much they had! Simply beautiful!

Beautiful Okra Crop

After the yummy lunch that we had: Me…An incredible pimento cheese sandwich on potato bread, Aaron-some left over chicken pot pie cooked the other night, and Keagan-some super yummy fresh scrambled eggs….We then all enjoyed a bit of the fresh watermelon for lunch “dessert”!


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