30 Days of Beauty: Day 20

Wow! Day 20!!! I’m started to get a little sad that this challenge is almost over. I’ve enjoyed it more than I ever imagined that I would have. When I started it I wondered what in the world I would take 30 days worth of pictures of and some how each day something beautiful presents itself.

Today while I was eating my lunch I was sitting there looking at it and thinking how pretty sushi is. I know that sounds obserd…but to imagine the intricate¬†detail of making it. The cut of the avocado or fish…, the wrapping of the seaweed and rice. And eating it is another enjoyment all in itself.

Today for day 20, I nominate Sushi as my picture of beauty! And send out a big thanks to our Japanese chefs who brought this idea to America in the 1960s!


2 responses to “30 Days of Beauty: Day 20

  1. Isn’t it funny how beauty just finds YOU?! I love it! Glad you’re enjoying the project! yay!!

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