30 Days of Beauty: Day 19

This is maybe a little different compared to my previous post in this beauty challenge. It’s not that I find this picture beautiful….but I find the fact that I made this to be just amazing! I went from not cooking AT ALL and Aaron and I eating out most nights, to eventually turning to boxed and frozen meals-which got the job done for years….and now on to mostly all homemade.

This is a homemade chicken pot pie that I’ve made this evening. Not only is it homemade but what I could get organic, I did. The chicken, veggies, flour, eggs, milk, and even down to the chicken broth. I think the only thing that isn’t is the one red potato I added and the pie crust.

I hope you enjoying looking at it as much as my family enjoys eating it!

Before the top crust & After....


2 responses to “30 Days of Beauty: Day 19

  1. MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! that looks so good! Will you send me the recipe or put it on here? Yummy!

  2. ummm wow. I am amazed at ur recent cooking skills.

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