So what did you do on your day off…..

I had all these plans today to do NOTHING! Those are always my intentions but then life just gets in the way. I always tell myself that I’m going to sleep all day…Or lie on the couch with a good book and then watch all the crazy talk shows that I never get to see. Somehow my day goes by and I end up doing none of that.

I started out this morning drinking a nice POT of smooth hazelnut coffee. I then proceed to do all the laundry that had piled up. Next I figured I would tackle both bathrooms which is a job I dread every time! Now on to the kitchen floors. What a mess! I not only swept, then mopped but I then thought, “what the heck….” and also wax them. Look how shiny!

After Aaron came home for a quick lunch break which our lunch consisted of several organic cookies that we had left over from the batch I made Keagan’s class last night….I then decided today would be a good day for a hair cut. See, I do take time for myself!! 🙂 When I got there she asked how I wanted it and I said, “Dunno….Just shorter! I’m tired of this mess.” She asked me if I was interested in donating to The Locks of Love, which of course I was so she measured out 10 inches and we decided to go from there. All in all, I like the hair cut. Personally I prefer shorter hair on me, anyday…It’s just easier that way.

My donation to the Locks of Love....

And without further ado….. (Please excuse the picture! Really, I’m camera shy as is….and then taking a picture of yourself never does justice….)

Then off to the grocery store I went to pick up everything I needed for the family to make homemade pizza and also some homemade chicken pot pie. I’m not sure which one we’ll tackle tonight. I guess I’ll leave it up to the munchkin.

Once I was home, I thought about sitting down and reading for a bit but then the lawn mower got the best of me. How does this keep happening….?

The yard looks great, doesn't it?

And now here I am…It’s about time to pick up the boys. Not once have I turned the TV on, sat down to read my book, taken a nap like I promised myself, or even taken time to piddle in the garden….Some would maybe chalk this up to one of those crazy three letter acronyms like a smidge of OCD or ADD but I just chalk it up to Me….I guess I’m not wired inside for a day of rest and relaxation. Regardless though-I have enjoyed my day off and feel nice and refreshed for my day back to work tomorrow….


4 responses to “So what did you do on your day off…..

  1. Jess! What a day you had, love the hair… This is truly my typical day, I’m reading this and thinking, mmmm hmmmm! I do things around the house, grocery shop volunteer at school and sometimes fit something fun in to do for myself. People ask me all the time “what do you do all day?”, I am always very happy to tell them because it’s not sitting around watching tv or taking naps, that’s for sure!

    OK, your floors look way better than mine and your grass really is amazing! BTW, I just got the same hair cut a couple of days ago, not loving it on me, but as Sam so nicely put it: “It’ll grow back, honey” NICE.

    Glad you are refreshed!!

  2. Isn’t it amazing how everyday life takes up so much time. I could have done all the things that I had planned to do, which was nothing, but then I would have walked away from this day off feeling totally unproductive.
    As far as the hair….It’s not my favorite cut. I’ve had much better but this gets the job done….and I love the lady who did it. I bet yours looks great! I want to see. 😉

  3. Heather, I hate the “It will grow back” remark! Jess, my favorite short haircut of yours was in high school when you had it done by Orlando…remember when Jacquie fixed it so elegantly for Prom? I like you in either short or long hair. Good for you for donating to Locks of Love!

    Your yard and Terry’s yard (not my yard) both look like carpets.

    And as far as your day went…the best thing was that you were the boss of YOU and did only what you felt like!

  4. New do looks cool…yard looks great…I can practically smell that potpie through my computer screen…and the fam looks happy as can be! The only problem is, I really miss you guys…

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