The Discovery of My Greenthumb.

I think either you have it or you don’t….Either the interested to take care of plants and to watch them grow is either something that fascinates you or bores you to tears. I never knew which way I leaned towards nor did I particularly care. That is, not until my Mom passed away almost 3 years ago. I was given this beautiful plant arrangement by Aaron’s then employer, Bobcat.

This is the plant almost 3 years later....

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?? At the time I was so desperate to hold onto something that gave me a link to my mom. I didn’t have many pictures of her-Certainly none that were current. I didn’t have the phone to pick up daily  to talk to her about my day, my son, my life, or to hear about hers. I didn’t have part of my heart and this plant was the only thing I knew that I could pour my love into and still get something back that had my mom’s life wrapped in it.

Once I started taking care of this plant I found the desire to have more and more plants in my home. What life they bring! I eventually wanted a garden, and had fun planting and re-planting tons of bushes to our new home. I moved into my new office and the first thing I did, Day 1…was move more plants in. I walk by the other offices that co-workers occupy and with no greenery they just seem so lifeless, even when the person inside the office themselves is full of energy and life.

Somehow almost 3 years has passed. It’ll be 3 years this Christmas Day. I don’t know how time got away from me…(Maybe a full-time job, a 4-year-old, and a new baby in the house had something to do with it…) but I noticed that even though I was continuing to water and love on this poor plant, I had neglected to give it a proper home. It was begging for more room.

Check out this root system on just one of the 6 plants in there!!

Look at those roots!

So I set out on a mission to get this beautiful plant replanted. Now I don’t just have a reminder of my mom in my kitchen but I also have her in Easton’s room and my own bedroom. I really look forward to having these plants for many more years to come.

I thank my Dad for passing on his Greenthumb to me!!!! And I thank my mom for bringing out the passion in plant life that I didn’t know existed.


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