30 Days of Beauty: Day 17

….I think it’s day 17. I’m tired. I’ve just finished day 9 working 9-10 hours straight just about everyday. I’ve got a little one who is fighting a cold and keeps me up most of the night. Last night I rocked my sweet baby from 3:30 until it was time for me to shower. So sweet he was. He just laid in my arms, staring into my eyes, and in his own way was thanking me for loving on him in this moment . I just needed a soothing picture. Something to calm the nerves, calm the eyes, and bring a restful peace to the day. Enjoy! Here is to day 17 and to these beautiful horses.


2 responses to “30 Days of Beauty: Day 17

  1. nice! I have no idea where we would find horses here….my cousin has a horse farm on Forestbrook Rd….but that isn’t HERE! In Fresno, I would always take an apple with me on my daily “scooter stroll” around the neighborhood because there were 2 horses who always came to the fence to greet me. They weren’t intimiodated by the scooter at all….or my Dreat Dane…,.I love seeing your [pictures, Jessica.

  2. Thanks Linda. I’ve had so much fun doing this beauty challenge!! These horses are actually in Maggie’s neighborhood. I was leaving her house yesterday and stopped and met the owner and took a few pictures.

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