Garden Update

Okay, YES! I am excited!!!! We’re in the process of pulling up the summer crops that have lived their lives, bared their fruit, and moved on to bigger and better things….and in this case I guess I mean-death (which I don’t normally consider that to be bigger and better things. Just so happens that that’s one of my biggest fears) anyways, we were stumped on what we should do with our sweet potatoes. The vines literally have taken over one of our garden areas. It’s insane! And we think we’ll have enough room to plant all of our fall crops but we figured if the sweet potatoes weren’t really doing anything then heck, we might as well pull them up too. So of course we have the suspense of doing the pull!

Well all I get was a big long vine with absolutely nothing at the end but a bunch of roots that lead to nowhere. I looked at Aaron and said, “Surely, this can’t be it!?!?” so lo and behold he starts digging….


Look, look, look!!!

Yes, it really is a sweet potato! I couldn’t believe my eyes! So yes, he keeps digging just so we can get the precious thing up…


Okay so yes….Maybe it wasn’t quite ready for digging up….And maybe this little fella is slightly deformed….But the fact is-THEY ARE GROWING and I am so excited! There is a thrill you get when growing potatoes and carrots because you can’t watch the progress everyday.  You only can use your imagination and watch what the beautiful greenery on the outside is doing….So when you pull it up and find a true treasure-WHAT AN EXCITEMENT! And so to answer our question-to pull up the sweet potatoes or not to pull, we’ll go with the latter and let these babies grow! Grow baby, grow!


2 responses to “Garden Update

  1. How cool!!!! You are such a green thumb, Jess! That is awesome!! Now, you need to try to grow the world’s largest pumpkin!

  2. Thanks Jacq! You know, I feel like I don’t really do anything special and I don’t actually consider myself a green thumb….I just water them and love on them a little and somehow they always do well….For the most part, at least….(with the exception of the Jade….:))
    And, I do actually plan on growing pumpkin. I have a friend that is doing that this season. I was torn on if I should do it or not because we have such fun picking our pumpkin from a pumpkin patch….But maybe next year.

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