30 Days of Beauty: Day 14

I’ll admit, some days I have a really hard time spotting the beauty in the day. Imagine sitting in a room for 10 hours, staring at an overhead projector having your brain stuffed with so much new information that you think if you have to comprehend one more piece of the pie you’re brain is just going to shut down….Getting home and bathing & feeding your kids, cleaning your house that looks like a tornado of 3 boys has gone through it, resting for just a quick second because otherwise you feel like you seriously may collapse and then thinking….Where did today go?? Where is the beauty in the day. That was my day…. I was sitting in my carport taking a second for myself-opened my eyes to the world and tried to forget the day and there it sat….


One response to “30 Days of Beauty: Day 14

  1. That’s cool, Jess…and so true! Our lives are a whirlwind…it’s when we take just a second to slow down and stop to see the beauty that it is always there.

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