Grocery Store Help!!!

So I’ve set out on this mission for myself and family to eat fewer processed foods, more organic, chemical free fruits and veggies, and just a healthier life style in general. So far so good. When I go out to lunch I have not been tempted by the big greasy cheeseburgers, and the over-stuffed deli sandwiches and fries but rather stick with my salad (which today by the way, happened to be very good!!-mixed greens, cucumbers, carrots, almonds, cheese, and grilled chicken.) but where I am finding the problem is at the grocery store. Twice now I have gone in shopping for something for dinner and each time I walk out almost empty handed. Normally I run in if nothing is at the house and my cart comes out carrying things like this:

Or maybe a little of this:

Stouffer's Lasagna

And of course when it comes to feeding Keagan…..First thing to grab is:

So what it boils down too is….I need help! I’ve discovered that the freezer and microwave have become my best friend and once upon a time I felt so comfortable in a store-I now roam around like a lost puppy dog looking for their owner. The past couple of nights we’ve managed and done pretty well. Each night we’ve grilled some chicken and had a good grilled veggie on the side….Guess what-It’s going to be that same thing tonight!…And I think tomorrow I’ve come up with a nice fresh stir fry…Other than that, I’m at a loss. Looks like I’ve got a lot of reading to do, searching for recipes, and maybe it’s time to pull out my creative streak and see what I can come up with.

I want my grocery cart to have all the colors of this:

I want to know what to cook and not struggle at the store…I want to have stuff in the pantry that my grandparents would recognize as food…I just need the tools to get there. Suggestions, Recipes, Ideas??


5 responses to “Grocery Store Help!!!

  1. Hey Jess,

    It is harder to eat healthy…no doubt about it.. convenience has become our lives… Oatmeal with granola/honey is good… you can do skewers with meat and veggies… I like brown rice and black-eyed peas and chopped green onions… Put a little oil in a pan, and saute sliced or diced potatoes with some garlic powder, chives, and fresh cracked salt and pepper….You can also make sweet potato chips or fries (Yum)…steamed artichokes or asparagus is good…dip the apasragus leaves in your favorite salad dressing… another really good thing is get a good leafy salad mix, and sprinkle soy sauce, olive oil and lemon juice–AWESOME! Eggplant parmesan is soooooo good! Slice the eggplant in 1/4 inch thick slices, dip in egg wash and italian bread crumbs and fry till brown. Put in a baking dish and cover with hunts garlic and herb spaghetti sauce, mozzerella and parmesan cheese…bake till brown and serve with angel hair pasta. You can do lettuce wraps with teryaki chicken and broccoli slaw….

  2. Love the ideas, Jacq! Thanks!!

  3. I guess I am “old fashioned” but, as you know, my freezer is full of what Terry calls “ingredients”. I buy chicken on sale and cook it and cube it then freeze it in recipe size portions…I make up meat loaf from “on-special” hanburger meat and then freeze at least 2 of them. When you are ready to serve them, they cook from frozen while you are making the rest of dinner. I store more hamburger meat in baggies,( squish flat for easy thawing) that all weigh 1 lb; recipe size. It DOES take more time to cook from scratch…. and I don’t know how you gals who work all day could do what I do. With a refrigerator/freezer and another freezer filled to the brink, Terry will stand in the door and say “We don’t have anythint to EAT!” Of course not, you have to make it!
    You’ll get the knack of it…and save money in the process….BTW, the Stoffer’s Lasagna costs about 3 times what home made costs and is so loaded with soduum that I can’t eat it.
    You go girl!

  4. Linda, I don’t even know how to cook homemade lasagna… I really need your cook book!

  5. I’ll send you the one I use. Grandma’s was the very first one that was printed and Terry and I inscribed it inside to her (she paid the cost of the first printing)…I just have to transfer all of my notes and corrections from my book into Grandma’s. I have so many easy recipes…I plan on making that a feature of my blog…very easy dishes that you can cook from a wheelchair.

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