30 Days of Beauty: Day 10

So I thought it time to give credit where credit is due….Not everyone finds their work beautiful and honestly…..Many days I walk away at 4:15 so glad my day is over….And many mornings I wake up at 5am just dreading the day because lets face it, it’s work… Overall though, I can’t complain. I get taken care of and I also get to take care of people. These days the mortgage world has such a bad reputation but not everyone is guilty of the crime. I get to see daily lives that are changed because we were able to refinance their home and save them money so they could help pay the bills, or buy their teen a car, or send their graduate to collage. I also get to see young couples buying their first home preparing to start their family or the older couple purchase their dream home after working their whole lives to get there. With all this being said, this is why I choose my place of work to be day 10 in my 30 Days of Beauty Challenge.


4 responses to “30 Days of Beauty: Day 10

  1. Jessica, I’m so glad you posted this! I had a picture in my head of a one story bank type, stand alone, building! Cool!

  2. Awesome picture Jess. It turned out so great and the story totally relates to the picture.

  3. Terry said that he had a picture in his head of a storefront office like Jacquie and Drew had with the E-Bay business. A Picture is worth a thousand words!

    • Most of our branches are on the Michelin plant sites since we started put as a credit union for Michelin but as we expand and open our membership field to more and more companies our buildings seem to be getting nicer and nicer. You should have seen the building I worked in before we moved here. We had urinals in the ladies room.

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