Patio Project

We have been daydreaming for quite sometime about a bigger patio. We weren’t sure whether we wanted a bigger patio or if we wanted to build a deck. Once we bought our new pergola that pretty much sealed the deal. We knew a bigger patio was in order. It all happened so fast. That’s normally how it happens here. We get an idea and “BAM” before we know it, we’re in the middle of it and thinking, “What in the world are we doing!!!”

So lo and behold Aaron had the stone delivered. The day before the project was set to begin he also came home with a truck full of sand. Just goes to show you we had no clue what we were doing…We thought one truck full of sand was plenty. Turned out…We needed FIVE! We also thought it would only take a few hours to complete this project but it turned out that even with a few people’s helping hands it still took over a little over 8 straight hours and when I say straight I mean straight! Those poor guys we asked to come over never even stopped for a bathroom break! God bless them!

So here are our “BEFORE” pictures:

Stones are all gone from the fire-pit!

Aaron's attempt the night before to remove our sod from the area

Finally the morning of our help showed up and we got the show on the road! We only had two extra guys but they came to work and were not messing around! I’ll tell you, they were worth every penny we paid!!

Keagan’s sandbox…By the end of the day he had been buried in the sand, had dived off the tool box into the sand, and had covered every inch of his little boy body in sand!!

Half way there!

Finally….Drum roll please!!!! It took 8-9 hrs….Almost an entire case of Powerades, a swollen black and purple toe (that would be mine!!), a platter full of Zaxby’s Nibblerz, and a clean up process that took almost the entire Sunday….But we are officially done and I think it looks soooo good!


2 responses to “Patio Project

  1. Jacquie Gonzalez

    Oh my gosh!!!!! Awesome!!!! Can you guys come and help us do ours???

  2. Thanks jacq! Yeah, we’d be happy to help! It would be an all day job and we aren’t professionals like the guys helping us….but we’d certainly do our best! 🙂

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