The Great Unknown: Part 2….

We are on the road! Where too, I had no clue. All I knew was that it had fun written all over it. Aaron and I get there first and of course we’re put to the test to find a great spot. We stop at a few that we thought would work….but we kept going. None stuck out to us as the perfect spot. Along the way we passed a father and son and they were so excited to tell us about the bear cub and the turkey they had just seen….Great, I was thinking!

Finally we drive by a spot and knew that was it! Perfect! It had a little hike down. You had to cross either over a big log or into a creek to get to the spot. Unloading all the gear proved to be a fun challenge and we knew the weekend had begun.

We get everything unloaded, the tent up, fire going and then Tye and Jeni pull up! Woo Hoo! By the time they got there it was a little after 8 so we pretty much just helped them unload, have beers, sit out by the fire, and eat dinner at around midnight. (Steak and Kraft shells and cheese!!) Yes, anything is possible-even when you are out in the middle of nowhere. Kraft mac and cheese over a Coleman stove can’t be beat. After dinner and a few more drinks it was off to wash the dishes in the creek and then off to the tent. We were going to have a long day tomorrow….Rest was needed.

Morning came and the guys cooked us a yummy breakfast! (bacon, eggs, and coffee). I ate better on the camping trip than I do during a normal weekend at home. After eating and cleaning more dishes in the creek (Makes you feel like you’re back in the Little House on the Pararie days….) we tossed around what to do….Do we go tubing down the Hooch, do we hang out and make a day of it by the fire, do we go explore…And in the end the exploring won. I’m so glad it did. We had great times playing in the creeks, finding awesome waterfalls, hanging out in the pouring down rain, wiping out on the rocks, dropping beers, taking pictures, playing, laughing, and just having a good time. After we all got filthy dirty from our hike in the woods we split off into pairs and went and bathed in the creek. What an awesome bonding experience with the one you love.

Back at the site the guys again cooked us a really good dinner and we pretty much hung out by the fire, told stories, drank beer, and got to all know each other like we never have in the 5-6 years we’ve all four been family. (And when I say we got to know each other very well….one has to be really close to the  people they’re with to pick up a shovel and dig a hole in the dirt to use the bathroom….Never in my life did I think I would do that. But we did!) The sky got dark, the time got late, Aaron fell asleep by the fire. It was just so relaxing. It was hard not too. And we all decided it was time for bed.

Our excitement didn’t end once it was bedtime though. Low and behold you can never have a Schrock somewhere and not have a little excitement. While attempting to zip up our tent-Aaron ripped the zipper off of the tent! I laughed and laughed and laughed even more about it and the more I laughed the more mad Aaron got over the situation. In the end he gave up and went to sleep with our tent WIDE open to the wildlife. I knew there wasn’t much I could do at this point so I did the only thing I could think of and that was to tie the tent door shut the best I could with my pony tail holders. Needless to say there was still huge gap but at this point there was nothing to do but to accept the fact and to just go to bed. As you see we are both still alive. I highly doubt a little tent door would protect you from a wild bear or boar anyways but it would have from the Grandaddy Long Legs that I picked off of my face all night! I guess if I had to choose a creature to crawl on me at least its one that is harmless. Still gross though!

Morning came and we packed it up, said our goodbyes, and headed home. On the way out right by our tent site we saw 2 wild boar (about as big as german shepherds) and their 5 little babies. Cute but scary! Overall it was a perfect camping experience. Great weather-rain and all. Really neat but timid wildlife…and the lifetime memories of camping out with family with out all the man-made luxuries that we take advantage of everyday. Awesome!!!


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