Transformation of the backyard…

We have or I should say, we had a beautiful Dogwood Tree in our backyard. Actually when we first moved in we had two of them. One was pretty diseased so we quickly cut that down and the other one we enjoyed for the past 2 1/2 years. I was sitting outside the other day looking at our backyard and it finally hit me that the left over Dogwood Tree was right smack in the middle of our yard. It was beautiful but was a constant aggravation. When playing ball you had to try to hit around it, when playing in the sprinkler or pool you had to arrange around it, it was a pain going around it mowing….Nothing about it was on my pros list except for the fact that it was a beautiful old tree…. I mentioned to Aaron about cutting it down and of course he was on board! I think any excuse to get the Bobcat out and he’s all over it. So here we are the very next weekend and it’s time to transform our backyard. I didn’t quite expect the sadness I got from watching the tree go nor did I expect to see Keagan crying over “his tree” either. 😦


Long live the tree!

Keagan sad over “his tree” being cut down. This really tore at my heartstrings…:

Okay, we’re done being sad….Let the fun begin!


We also decided since we were changing the look of our backyard, we would upgrade our fire  pit. Here is Aaron’s first attempt at making us a pit. How ugly! I hated it but it got the job done and it sure beat our 55 gal drum we had at the very beginning

Goodbye to the Ugg!

Watching our new fire-pit being built!!

TAA DAA!!!! I love it!


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