Revolution of the iPhone….

Okay, so yeah….Maybe I’ve jumped aboard this train a little late. I do that with most things and then once I get onboard I become crazy in love and don’t stop talking about it while others are like, “Um, old news….” And here we go again because I am going to talk about how AWESOME I think this iPhone invention is!!

It honestly is every electronic you need to have rolled into one little handheld device that you can take with you everywhere. And lets talk about the Apps on this thing. I think that is what I’m most in love with and I thought I would share a few of my favorites-just incase I’ve happened to stumble on one that hasn’t been discovered yet.

We all know about the Facebook app

The Weather Channel is another great one.

WordPress: Gotta have the wordpress app so I can blog on the go. 😉

Ebay, Wikipedia, Craigslist, Google Earth, Map Quest, Ellen, Google…

There is also ESPN Score Center and SEC Football. These will bring me lots of entertainment once football season starts back up.

AllRecipes is a really neat one. You choose what main (meat) you want. Do you want a main dish, side dish, salad, etc. And how long you plan on being around to cook. With all those combos it comes up with quite a few delicious sounding recipes with all the reviews to go with it. Love it!!

Lose It-is a calorie counter that I cheated on this week and swear to start again next week!! 🙂

Lyric Find…Too neat. It tells you all the lyrics to any song. And that goes and in hand with Shazam which can detect any song playing on the radio and tell you who it is, when it came out, it links you to the youtube video of it, and also allows you to buy it in iTunes if you wanted….but why buy it when you have the free app Pandora. This has to be one of my favorites-Type in ANY group or singer and it will play a song of theirs but then also recognize the type of music and play songs similar to that one…Or just type in a certain genre and it’ll play that. All for free! Who needs an iPod now??

There is also the 5.0 Radio which allows you to listen to the police scanner anywhere in the world!!, is a cool one, and let me not forget Words with Friends…My friend Liz and I have been playing this together for days. Fun fun! Anyone up for a game?? The Username is: Schrockster

And last but not least are all the photography apps I’ve downloaded. Those are my personal favorite: Camera, Diptic, ColorSplash, and PictureShow. Here are a few of the pics that I’ve had fun taking while being out and about…

 Basically in a nutshell, this phone can do about anything! I am extremely happy with my purchase and look forward to owning it for a long time to come….Also if anyone knows any cools Apps that I may have left off-let me know! I’d love to check them out!!


3 responses to “Revolution of the iPhone….

  1. u SUCK! just kidding i am just saying that cause i am so jealous like to the 10th degree. I almost cant stand it. i want one so bad. u know my birthday is coming up and u could give me ur. lol

  2. I know Amy….I can totally relate. I’ve wanted one for so long and for some reason put it off until now. The only leg up I had on you was that I was already with AT&T and didn’t have to worry about changing phone carriers. Hopefully Verizon will pull through for you and get the iPhone soon!

  3. There is one (I don’t have an I-Phone, but have seen this advertized) that can actually look around you when you are out and point out the restaurants and what they serve! Imagine if you were on vacation and wanted an ice cream cone……

    Another one I would definitely get is the translator…you speak english and it translates to whatever…or vice/versa…..would have come in handy on our trips to Mexico. I wonder if it translates “Southern” to Yankee speak?

    I think you were lucky they didn’t have the I-Phone 4 in stock when you got yours…many problems with that….

    BTW and off the subject of phones…..Terry and I were looking at 3D TV at Best Buy over the weekend…what will they think of next?

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