Progress on the fall garden

Well the fall garden is making progress. I am however worried about my first little seedlings that I planted.  Keagan described it perfectly earlier, “Mommy, they are looking really sad!” And yes, they are. I had great success with all my seeds for the summer garden though so I’m not giving up hope yet.

I’ve also never been one to “thin” the plants out when they start growing. I just can’t bare to rid of a perfectly good plant. This time around though I’ve discovered that when it said, “place 3-4 seeds in the pod” to Aaron that meant take a pinch full and throw them in the pod so some pods were growing 5-7 little plants in one pod! Oye! So “thinning” is a must this go around.

Broccoli & Cabbage week 3 1/2

My lil’ broccoli pet

And then of course I wanted to share a quick pic of a couple of our new plants. We started the 2nd phase of the garden this past Monday. We planted a couple more broccoli & cabbage (incase those other sad ones don’t make it….) but also some: Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, and Swiss Chard.

 Four of the 2nd phase planted. I think all in all we’ve started 13 plants in the 2nd planting for fall.

One last thing before I wrap this update up…COMPOSTING! It’s been something that Aaron has been nagging me about doing for a year or two. For some reason the thought scares me. Does it stink, is it hard, how long does it take, and what do you even put in it?? These are questions that keep swirling in my head and I would love some opinions. Answer the poll below and then if you do compost tell me how you like it. I’m curious! Is this something I should do or steer far away from this pile of…


7 responses to “Progress on the fall garden

  1. I have seen articles on this in Southern Living and it seems like so much trouble—to ME. turning, adding the right things, the kind of container has to be just right…I think even the temperature has to be monitored…….do some research…..Oh, and I would definitely compost coffee grounds…they are good for plants and you know how much coffee your Dad drinks….I have nemtioned it to him and he doesn’t want anything to do with it……

  2. i love my compost. Get one! you are sure to love it. It is like opposite of gardening. lol You are watching something die instead of grow. So i grow it and then i compost it. fun fun fun.

  3. You know I am an advocate of composting. We havent started our compost pile yet but it is on “the list” of things to do when we start a garden. You can get those that spin so all you do is put your scraps/leaves/grass in there and turn it each time – easy! Also, at this time, I am putting my coffee grounds under my acid-loving flowers (roses, hydrangeas), but you can also put it in tomato plants. Just something to do in the meantime before you start composting……;)

  4. Linda your comment is how I’ve felt this whole time. I’ve heard such great things about it though. I think I may be ready to give it a try…We’ll see. All I have to do if it gets to much to take care of is trash the trash….right! And then it’s gone. 😉
    Oh and as far as the coffee grounds-I have heard its really good for plants. We’ve actually been throwing our used coffee grounds in the garden we just built (that has nothing in it yet) trying to get that soil nice and fertile.
    Beth do you plan on having a summer garden next year? John would be a good age then to really be interested in how and why things grow.

  5. Last night I heard that even URINE was good for a compost pile! It has lots of nitrogen that plants need. (ever see how green your grass gets where your female dog pees…before she goes there so much that it burns up ALL the grass down to the dirt…then starts on another spot)….Anyway, they said that carbon based materials were essensial…hay, sawdust, leaves. in alternate layers of food and MANURE……not just garbage…..

    You go girl….they also said that properly done, that a compost pile will not smell.

  6. it is important to have equal (or almost equal) amount of dry compost to wet compost so that it will be perfect in the end [which will look like a slightly moist (not wet) black garden soil]. yes, I think we will start a garden next year – this year was just too busy and crazy with jeb’s arrival, but I think it will be a good learning experience for john. I kind of want to start the vegetables indoors during the winter by sowing them in small containers (I actually saw a little greenhouse kit at the dollar store) so they can get a headstart on growing when we plant them in the spring. I still want to read and research more about garden growing cause I am not very knowledgeable on this subject yet 🙂

  7. Beth, we start all of our plants indoors with seeds. Its cheaper that way and also gives you a little thrill watching them grow. I really recommend the Square Foot Garden Book. In the back of it he tells you when to start the seeds, when to transplant them outdoors, and also what goes well in a spring/summer garden vs. a late summer/fall garden. Great book!

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