Butternuts and Cantaloupes

Just a little update on the Butternut and Cantaloupe front….These were the two veggies I have been anticipating the most.

Well as far as the butternut (WOW!) all of a sudden it seemed to grow overnight. So I’m thinking this mamma jamma may be a little overgrown. 🙂

What a silly looking lil fella.

Next up….Cantaloupe!

I have been watching this fruit for weeks. Not sure if anyone remembers but I even wrote a previous post on this “magical” fruit that seemed to appear overnight. Well long at last it is finally ripe enough to pick. I don’t think it’s quite ready to eat, however, so at this point we’ve picked the beaut and will watch it hopefully ripen in our kitchen. Check back in a couple of days for an inside view of our very first melon. In the mean time we have about 4-5 more that will be ripening in the near future.

Now off to sow the cauliflower seeds for fall.


One response to “Butternuts and Cantaloupes

  1. The Butternut squash is not overgrown. I buy 2 1 1/2 lb squash or a 2 pounder for my Butternut Squash Souffle. You remember that….Terry says it tastes like dessert……You can cook and freeze the pulp for winter meals…..Yum!

    Terry says you won’t get Cauliflower until about January…let’s see if he is right……

    It might be fun to try Brussels Sprouts….if you like cabbage…they are like tiny little cabbages growing on a stalk……..and they grow vertically and are very decorative…a thought maybe for next year if you don’t have room this year. Or you could just have half of your back yard plowed……

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