Quest to find a Pimento Cheese

Two of my favorite words are “comfort” and “food.” Put them together and it’s magic, just like the simple blend of cheese, mayonnaise and sweet peppers known across the South as pimento cheese.

I refuse to go down the highly processed path of store-bought pimento cheese, which features an unnaturally fluorescent-orange coloring and slimy consistency so today I went out on a quest to find my own home-made version and hit jackpot! I will make it a personal mission if not this week then sometime soon to make my own home-made pimento cheese that I can call my own.

Pimento cheese is so ingrained in the lives of many Southerners that we don’t realize our passion for the stuff doesn’t exist outside the region. Call me country, but I was shocked (shocked!) when I learned that everyday people from Boston to San Diego don’t slap pimento cheese on bread for a quick-lunch, or slather it across their burgers for a decadent treat. For all you non-southerners…you don’t know what you’re missing!


3 responses to “Quest to find a Pimento Cheese

  1. As a southern girl (who loves you to death) I must disagree. Pimento cheese is vile! Although I am used to it in its florescent orange smelly state. Maybe one day you can make me Pimento cheese from scratch and I will appreciate it, but until then I have to side with the Union on this one.

    I do however love that you put the words comfort food in a blog since my project tonight took a turn to comfort town.

  2. I will make you some! I think you will really love it….even though, I must admit that up until recently I wasn’t a huge fan of it either. I think because I was brought up eating the florescent orange smelly stuff also…. I can still remember very well my mom buying Ruth’s pimento cheese and smearing half a jar of Hellman’s mayo on the bread…. Just about as good as a can of potted meat… 😉 Blah!

    Hope your irish/american comfort food turns out well! I’m sure it will!

  3. Store bought Pimento Cheese = vomit in my mouth. And how dare your Mom do that to Hellman’s mayo!

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