Fall Garden

I have been so excited about our spring/summer garden that I have been planning our fall garden for about 4 weeks now. I didn’t think the two little garden plats that we had were enough so Aaron and Keagan built me another one. This time with 12 inch board which I am very excited about. I think I’m going to have to redo all my garden beds with the 12 inch boards.

Finished Product minus the goods….

I’ve never planted a fall garden but here are the seeds I’m starting with. I have each one timed out from when I need to plant them and whether to start them indoors or out.

The broccoli and cabbage are the first to hit the dirt. These little seedlings were planted in their new homes on June 27th.

8 cabbage and 5 broccoli were planted

As of July 7th, look how much they’ve grown!

Next up: cauliflower!! 🙂


5 responses to “Fall Garden

  1. Jessica, good luck with th cauliflower. When I lived in CA where they grew acres of it, at some poiont they pulled up the leaves and tied them so the actual white cauliflower wouldn’t discolor…you could read up on this on the internet…..I don’t knoe if non-commercial growers do this…..

    What! No collards? Mustard greens or turnips? Are you really a Souutherner? Of course you have limited spece. I think you are doing GREAT!

  2. WOW! Girl send me the list of what you are planting. I have a bed empty and full of organic poo and dirt just waiting to have something in it. Glad you already did the research. 🙂 The Bed looks amazing BTW. Isn’t it wonderful having a hubby that can do that kind of stuff.

  3. I am so impressed!!! That is so great Jess! Good for you!! (And, Aaron and Keagan did such a good job on the new garden plat!

  4. Thanks Jacq! And Linda, I never thought about greens like that….We WILL be planting those…YUM!!

    Lauren, you need to look in the “Square Foot Garden” book…It’s great!
    But in a nutshell you need to call your local garden extension and find out when your average frost date is. Ours here is Oct. 15th.
    You can also go to http://www.victoryseeds.com/hardzone and figure out when your average frost dates are…
    As far as what we’re planting:
    Broccoli and cabbage: plant seeds 16wks from frost date (inside), transplant the plants outside at 9 wks
    Cauliflower: seeds inside at 14 wks, transplant plants outside at 8 wks
    carrots: seeds outside at 11 wks
    peas: seeds outside at 10 wks
    beets: seeds outside at 8 wks
    lettuce: indoor seeds at 7 wks and then transplant them outside at 4 wks
    spinach: seeds outside at 7 wks
    and radishes: seeds outside at 4 wks til frost.
    Hope this helps!! Now, I’m off to look into when to plant greens! YUM!! 😛

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