Okra is more than a meal…It brings beauty to a garden

 I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the common Okra flower, which this photo does not do it justice. It was a buttery yellow with a magenta center. I love capturing the moment of the bumble bee coming in for a meal.  

Bumble Bee getting a nice little meal

This picture shows a meal in the making…


2 responses to “Okra is more than a meal…It brings beauty to a garden

  1. Beautiful! Great timing to get the bee pollinating it!

    I once had okra plants that grew as high as the eaves of my house….my husband had to get out the step ladder to cut it. That was many many years ago……

    Do you fry it or boil it or put it in soup to thicken it like a gumbo?

    How many varieties of veggies are you growing?

  2. Wow! I’ve heard okra can get that big. Ours is probably 3 1/2 feet tall right now…. But still growing strong. It’s probably the most healthy in the garden.

    As far as what all we have left, cucumbers, cantalope, lima beans, okra, couple of different types of peppers, squash, butternut, and zuchinni.
    I’ve also started the brocolli and cabbage seeds for fall. 🙂

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