Keagan ready for work!

Keagan’s class is celebrating a Red, White, and You party in honor of the 4th of July coming up. I had completely forgotten that I had gotten carried away and not only signed up for Cheetos, but also candy for their goody bags, and cookies. After working about 11 hours today and getting home, ready to kick the shoes off, give the boys a hug and kiss….and then can you guess? Yep go check out the garden-I remembered that I had yet to go shopping for this event that was taking place tomorrow!! So off to the store I went…. After I got back with everything in hand and of course a few extra bags because I never can go to the store and stick to my list, Keagan and I sat down and worked on the cookie project. I must say that he was a great helper!! And we had a blast. I love family moments like this!

Work in progress

Final Product!


2 responses to “RED….WHITE…& YOU!!!

  1. They look great, Jess!

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