The death of my friend Jade

If one looks up the info on a Jade plant this is what they will find:

“The jade plant. An interesting and rewarding house plant requiring very little care. This is one of the few house plants that seem to do better with less meddling from us. And I am positive, armed with the right information, anyone can grow this fantastic succulent.”

I bold the word ANYONE and then must add that in a pie popularity chart of “anyone’s” I must be in the minority because no matter how much I try I can never seem to maintain the beauty of a jade plant. I normally pride myself in my green thumb but alas this plant has me stumped.

For those of you who don’t know what a gorgeous jade plant looks like see below:

***note*** this is NOT a picture of my jade plant but rather someone’s picture I kindly stole off the internet

and now drum roll please…..

I woke up this morning to find my not so beautiful jade on its side. The insides totally mush. I can’t be accused of watering too much. If anything, I would say that I pretty much never watered it because I had become slightly frustrated with the lil’ guy.

Keagan’s face would be from the mush that was dripping on his arm as I made him stand there holding this beaut. Take note in the lack of leaves and let me not forget to mention that this was my Charlie Brown Christmas tree this past year sporting one red ball.

 My turn to pose with the jade. Our future photographer, Keagan, insisted on taking a picture of his Mommy with the subject of our attention.

And last but not least a picture of all that is left of a beautiful jade that was given to me by a dear friend for a wonderful housewarming gift…. Sorry Fran. =(


3 responses to “The death of my friend Jade

  1. Bwaaahahahahaha!!! LOL! OMG, that is hysterical! That is the same thing that happened to my Jade that Dad gave me for our housewarming gift when I got married! The 10-year old beauty with a trunk 5 inches in diameter rotted from the inside out under my “care.” Hahaha! Too funny Jess! Well said!

  2. Oh Jessica! I think Jacquie and Drew are on their 2nd Jade that Terry rooted for them. So far, I think it is still alive. Drew was very happy to be given another one (although much smaller this time)
    Your Dad’s grows so big that he gets frustrated with how much room it is taking up in the sun room and he starts pruning it unmercifully. (therefore all of the rooted “babies”) Maybe it just needs to be reminded that it belongs to a Rowan.

    Keep trying. It is a great house plant. You too Jacq. We will never run out of cuttings.

  3. That is hilarious Jacq!! I have no clue what I did to mine…Really-but it didn’t make it. Not even that little twig I took a picture of made it. The next day it was slumped over too.
    Linda, you’re right…I’ll just keep on trying. I need Dad’s secret!

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