This is what I’ve been waiting for!!!

I have mentioned in past post how chronic I am about going out and checking my garden every morning and every night. Each time I seem to think that sometime during the day some magical fruit or veggie will appear and I’ll walk away in complete awe. Well up until today that had yet to happen.

Here I am outside…in the raging heat after one of the more aggravating afternoons I’ve had in a while and I’m happily looking at my cantaloupe and pretty satisfied at the rate they are growing.

When all of a sudden I take a peek into the thick leaves and out appears this beauty:

Finally this is the magical fruit I have waited for! I was in complete shock and let out a loud yelp as Aaron is standing next to me trying to carry on conversation with someone he had not spoken to in years on the phone. What a way to turn my afternoon around. After around the 18th consecutive day in the 90’s, a 2 hour wait at my son’s Dr’s appointment, going to the store with a fussy baby, and walking into a messy house-this was it! My magical fruit!!


3 responses to “This is what I’ve been waiting for!!!

  1. That is a beauty!

  2. YEAH! I am so happy for your garden. I still need to get one my research and figure out what to plant for fall. Whatever it is I want to get it in the ground soon. Congrats on the melon!

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