new year, new family of 4, new blog home

Well I’ve been thinking and now that I’ve gotten back into the whole blogging thing…At least for now-I decided that instead of just blogging about my garden I could include quotes from my crazy 4 year old, milestones of my sweet 6 month old, and crazy happenings with my life married to a Schrock.

I’ve done several blogs-None never on wordpress but I’ve heard great things about this site so I decided to give it a try.

Just to keep up with today and the current post I had already posted on blogspot, I think it’s time I share my Saturday Morning Harvest with you.


2 responses to “new year, new family of 4, new blog home

  1. Save me some of those hot peppers to refill my hot pepper vinegar jar. OK?

    I just got squash for 99 cents a pound and bought a bunch of it. I never thought I would be buying squash in the summer! But those darn deer have ruined gardening for us! It costs more to keep them away than it does to just go and buy the produce at the grocery store or road side market. Too bad they don’t eat grass!

    • So far none of these peppers are really hot. We’re supposed to have some hot ones planted but I’ve lost track and don’t know which plant that is….If I find them, they’re yours! If I can keep Aaron away!

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